Clinic Contact Information
Nurse: Victoria Morrone
Direct Phone: 401.315.2889
Fax: 401.633.6208



** COVID-19: During this global health crisis, please contact me via email if you have ANY concerns, questions, worries, needs, and if I cannot help you myself, I will be able to direct you to someone who can. I am prepared to offer resources if you need them, and am happy to help in any way possible, if only just to ease your mind. We'll get through this!

* If you are a student or staff needing a Covid test due to symptoms or being identified as a close contact, call 844-857-1814. 
* If you want to schedule an asymptomatic test (just to be sure!) visit to schedule it.


This year's flu clinic is scheduled for Tuesday, October 26, 2021, at 4-6:30pm. 

Not sure whether to send your child to school or not? When in doubt...

And this year of course we have to add to that. Children should not come to school if they have a headache, sore throat, nausea, cold or allergy symptoms. They will unfortunately, have to be sent home in those cases and cannot return until they have had no symptoms for 24 hours, which in most cases means missing a second day!

Hearing Screen
Hearing Tests for Children and Adults
R.I. School for the Deaf - THANK YOU for this valuable service. 

Vision Screen


A big thanks to the Lion's Club. They volunteer their time to serve our community.

Dental Screening


Links related to Health Forms you might need:

Prescription Medication Form - if you need for me to give any medication to your child that is not one of the over-the-counters that you’ve given permission for me to give, I will need this form completed and signed by their provider, and the prescription bottle of medication for your child.

Asthma Action Plan- for any student with an Asthma diagnosis

Vaccine Exemption Form (Medical) and Vaccine Exemption Form (Religious) annually, for any student who is exempt from any vaccinations

Food Allergy Plan - for any child who has a serious food allergy